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Crush The Castle 2 Unblocked

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About Crush The Castle 2 Unblocked

When the first version of the game was released, everyone lost their mind because it was a new type of game and there was no game like it on the internet. Even though that a lot of time passed from the release of the first version of the game, many people still enjoy the game because of the awesome gameplay and graphics. Today there are a lot of similar games on flash game websites and Google Play Market, but Crush The Castle 2 is still on the top of it's popularity.

Crush The Castle 2 uses a realistic physics and awesome graphics that makes it probably the best physics game. Your mission is quiet simple - you have to use your trebuchet and destroy the castle of your enemies. The difficulty is that some of the castles are really strong and the number of your shots is limited. You win the level if you manage to kill all people inside the castle. In some levels you may even don't bother to destroy the castle itself - just kill the enemies inside. If you manage to complete the task in less shots - you will get additional score.

Crush The Castle 2 offers you a lot of new levels and some interesting upgrades. For example, in the new version of the game you will discover new powerful weapons for your trebuchet. Some of them may even destroy metal and stone. I am sure you will have fun playing the Crush The Castle 2 Unblocked at our website.